We Come From The Dirt! The beauty of taking a small seed and placing that seed in some dark rich soil, and then feeding your community from those seeds is so wondrous and attractive. The work involved in maintaining certain temperatures, so that seeds germinate at optimal rates creates feelings akin to the flight or fight response. Seeing seeds slowly creep open to sunlight and warmth, smothered in dew drops is euphoric. Farming is addictive! The moment you pull that ripe tomato that has spent the perfect amount of time in the sun, exposed to the right amount of water; the scent itself is sweet and palatable and the taste is unlike any other tomato you've ever tasted, you become so amazed at how amazing each bite is. Farming is beautiful! Farming is very hard work! And it is therapy. Our love for farming can't be measured! Our love for giving people nutrient dense produce without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or GMO seeds provides us with an ultimate connection to our lineage who spent their days in the sun tilling, weeding, watering, manually removing pest from plants, harvesting, providing ultimate care for each other and their environment. They cared for animals and plants the same and treated them with love and respect. Even when harvesting they were careful about the time they harvested to ensure nutrients are not lost. Working With The Hands! Taking a watermelon off of a vine at the right time and tasting its sweetness makes all of the meticulously hard work well worth it. Seeing the satisfaction people experience every time they taste heirloom produce without chemicals is priceless and one of the major reasons why we farm. Hearing a chef call and specifically ask for our kale or collards is so rewarding. And knowing our carbon print is as minimal as possible gives us a unique satisfaction. Our strong agricultural education and background as well as our farming ancestry binds us to the soil and that is our focus. The soil and the plant are in a symbiotic relationship and as such utilizes and benefits each other. We simply ensure the conditions are optimal to increase that benefit. Chemicals will always decrease the dependency on each other and as such the taste suffers, and nutrient density is lost. If you are like us and you love the freedom of knowing your food is chemical and GMO free, if you are like us and you love your environment as well as your community and you want to provide and be a positive solution within those parameters, then we'd love to meet you! We believe that there is no substitution for hard work, freedom of choice, community, trust and providing for yourself by your own efforts. This is Bread and Butter Farms where we grow with our hands and plant with our souls.