BREAD AND BUTTER Before sunrise an oven has reached optimal temperature. Bread dough has been kneaded and handled with massage like proficiency, then allowed to rest to gain its composure. That same bread is placed inside the oven and just like the sun peaking over the horizon, the bread becomes a golden-brown color with the best scent that wakes the whole house. Fresh milk has been shaking and the butter milk removed until a lightly yellow creamy butter remains. There is nothing better than waking up to your grandmother’s freshly made bread with butter! We put this kind of love and time into each loaf of bread and every jar of our butter. We utilize the best ingredients possible to ensure an experience and taste unlike any other. These make great add-ons to your CSA or you can purchase them ala-cart. Free Delivery within 25 miles.
White/Wheat Bread Loaf
Garlic Herb Butter
Pound Cake
Blueberry 7up Pound Cake
Blue Berry Maple Honey Butter Cardamom Vanilla